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If you’re a savvy solopreneur with gumption who knows it takes more than spit and polish to change the world, here’s the express route to exactly how I can help you. If you have a moment, read on…

What is a ‘treasure hunter’?

If you’re smart, curious, want a slice of the good life as you see it and value your independence, whether that means crossing the street or the globe to do what you enjoy… Welcome!

You’ll get the most value here if you also:

  • run your own business because you thrive outside the 9–5 mindset
  • create digital products to serve your ideal clients, in addition to high-end 1-on-1 work.

You’re a whole other cacophony of wonderful and you’ve just found an online home.

We’re spirited entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, freelancers and business-on-the-road nomads. We’re creatives and coaches who work online so we can live offline, on purpose. We are smart and yearn to learn. We get restless. We’re often multipassionate. Ultimately:


We are the Treasure Hunters.
Our trove is our wealth of diverse experience;
it’s within this we find our best selves.
Curiosity is our muse, not our curse.
— Sara Moss

Who is Sara Moss and what can she do for me?

Ahoy there! I’m Sara Moss, editor for entrepreneurs. I help passionate people tell powerful stories in business. Creating an e-book or e-course? I’m your secret weapon.

C reatives and coaches: I help you make digital products that impress your ideal clients and keep your business growing. How?

Sara Moss, editor for entrepreneurs

  • We tell your story in a way that illuminates who you are.
  • You deliver on the promise of your product.

We work with that dashing duo, clarity and charisma, so your message is clear and actionable, and the copy in your e-books and e-courses reflects your business personality.

When you create with these elements, you build trust with your audience. You’re strengthening a valuable rapport. When you give people what they came for, they’re likely to come back for more…

I’ll give you specific, tailored advice, in addition to the changes I make for you. (But you’re always in control.) We have fun too! I’m not some stuffy grammarian. There’s no judgement here and I run a no-question-is-silly kinda ship. I’ve been a professional non-fiction writer for 16 years , I know the pain points. I’ve also made the process of working together stressless.

(‘Hell, yeah!’? .)

In other news…

I’m the ‘practical creative’ who likes to flick the switch from ‘dream’ to ‘do’ and back again, as needed. Now in Sydney, Australia, work and wanderlust has taken me across nearly 40 countries .

I’m also a [ take a deep breath ] writer, bibliophile, photographer, design enthusiast, lapsed fencer, occasional archer, amateur singer, poet, runner — okay, mostly walker — and astronomer. My Nana taught me to say the alphabet backwards when I was 6. I still don’t think you can improve on the original Tim Tams (biscuits; it’s an Australian thing).

How did all this begin?

Still reading? Bravo, you! I originally created We are the Treasure Hunters in late 2012 to highlight curiosity as a powerful route to insight and self-knowledge, fun and wellbeing. I also wanted to refute the idea that variety-seeking behaviour is purely superficial and novelty driven. So, if you’re hungry for the world but being hard on yourself, please remember:

Seeing value in others, thriving on exploring and delighting in new concepts is important and deserving of our attention. We are most alive when we acknowledge what attracts us. When we are most alive, we are infused with a rocket fuel blend of fearlessness and capability.

Then we beguile, remedy and inspire. We make our own maps. We are the Treasure Hunters. If you’re a creative or a coach and you’ve been nodding along here, come and join the new crew.