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The procrastinator’s quick guide to better blogging habits

The procrastinator’s quick guide to better blogging habits

We’re all prone to procrastination when we:

  • are overwhelmed, or
  • don’t have enough information to inform our next action, or
  • lack clarity around our purpose in a specific situation.

(On a doozy of a day, all 3 might wallop you. Yep, been there too.)

If you’re a fellow hardworking, not-in-the-big-league-yet solopreneur and creating content for your business blog is a challenge, stay with me.

These 8 steps combined are powerful. Better blogging habits will help you and your readers. Try them out and let me know how you go…

Number 1

#1. Prioritise your to-do list

Get clear(er) on what your product or service is, who it’s for, and how it helps those specific people. Depending on how your business has evolved, your blog may completely align with your products and services or it may have a slightly different function.

For example, this is who and how I help:

I’m a freelance copy editor for solopreneurs. I help creatives and coaches hone their e-books and opt-ins — making the content clear, charismatic and more likely to build trust with their prospective clients.

My blog helps solopreneurs tell their stories well and champions courage and curiosity in business and life.

Create a business to-do list around 3 key areas (with the value you’re providing always in mind):

  • building your audience (blogging might be on your newly-prioritised list)
  • refining your brand (message and visuals)
  • increasing your income (e.g. testing and releasing new products and services or working on client retention).

Number 2

#2. Set up/discover your ideal creation environment

Be mindful of when and where you work best. Experiment. The place and time might vary daily, monthly or seasonally — or you may have created one perfect place that’s inherently inspiring.

However you’ve found it: make your uninterrupted time in this space a priority , second only to client work. Create.

See @ispytreasure’s ‘The procrastinator’s quick guide to better #blogging habits’? #solopreneur — Tweet it!

Number 3

#3. Dig deep and have something to say

Ditch generic, fad-driven, cool-for-the-sake-of cool copy. The blogosphere isn’t some perverse high school rerun. Ask yourself how important transparency is to you and if it’s aligned with your personal brand. If your reply is positive, on occasion, let’s hear something from your gut ; something that’s coiled at the core of you.

#4. Increase the ratio of ‘evergreen’ content on your blog

Evergreen content doesn’t date quickly; it will be as relevant in a year or so as it is today. For example, ‘4 ways to format your e-book’ is useful but ‘3 storytelling fundamentals’ will remain accurate for longer.

Number 5

#5. Use your strengths when deciding the format of your content

If writing isn’t your forte, consider audio, video and photo formats in addition to written posts. Consider a guest post call out for formats you don’t want to make yourself. (This is also a great way to collaborate with other solopreneurs who have skills your audience could find useful.)

Number 6

#6. Use templates for your blog post headers and main images

This is a simple and cost effective way to give your blog a visual spruce up, especially if you hire a designer to create 1 or 2 templates for you. Choosing and using your brand’s fonts and colours consistently makes your blog look more professional and saves oodles of time in the post creation process.

Number 7

#7. Use a blog post creation checklist

Here’s one I prepared earlier. 🙂

Number 8

#8. Decide how you’ll measure the success of your blog

This could include:

  • boosting your website traffic (by X visitors/month)
  • increasing engagement with your website (boosting average visit time)
  • gaining (X) subscribers (per time period)
  • gaining (X) new clients (per time period).

Got these 8 steps sorted but still stuck? Check out How to re-start your business blog with style . Pop your details in the box below too, for the copy crafting goodness of Rebel Without a Clause .


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[email protected]’s better #blogging habits (for procrastinators) is now on my to-do list… #ironymuch — Tweet it!

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