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Ahoy! You’ve just come ashore with a parrot, a pair of boots and a lone maraca.

What’s your next move? Creating a percussive crescendo to the stories you like to tell? Okay, you’ve only got the parrot to regale so that could get old quickly but you’re a renegade; a solopreneur prone to flashes of panache… Time to explore.

Are you a creative or a coach building a mini digital empire? Join the new crew and never miss a tip. (You can bring the parrot if you promise to feed him. He already swears in Italian. I know nothing about that.)

How to switch up your business without letting down your tribe

Posted by in Behind the scenes

I’ll be straight: I have the ‘luxury’ of an online presence the size of a demi-pixel (totally a thing) in the vast vortex of the internet. My ‘tribe’ — my community of customers, clients and subscribers — is small.

I haven’t stopped offering products and services to thousands. You’ll need to look elsewhere for advice in that league.

But I do know when it’s time to pivot, it’s scary to think you might alienate good people who’ve shown up and stayed loyal while you’ve been starting out. (more…)

Recuperation, my next projects and your year ahead

Posted by in Life

When it hurts to move, you think differently.

When your body becomes so insistently present — the world shifts.

Never before have I been physically incapable of doing as I wished. (I concede the backflip and side splits were never serious contenders on my list of physical feats, though my teenage self would have enjoyed bragging rights on those.) (more…)

How to declutter life (and 2 things you need first)

Posted by in Life

This is the third installment of a bite-sized 3-part series on simplifying life. Catch up on Part 1 and Part 2 first if you wish. Find (or rediscover) the core of a life you want. Now, step up for the elimination round… (more…)

Interview: Caroline Cain, The Freedom Seeker’s Business Mentor

Posted by in People

How does Caroline Cain, the Freedom Seeker’s Business Mentor, effectively shape her life and work based upon her values, while making a healthy income? Read on…


Interview: Jo Gifford, The Dexterous Diva

Posted by in People

In this series we talk to interesting people from around the world about how they create a multi-passionate life that brings them joy. Enter Jo, the Dexterous Diva…


Which type of truth are you telling?

Posted by in Life

This is the second installment of a bite-sized 3-part series on simplifying life. Part 1 is here . Simplicity aids clarity. There’s elegance at the core of our desires. Find (or rediscover) the core of a life you want. (more…)

A simpler life starts here

Posted by in Life

Let’s hit pause for a moment.

We can’t capitalise on our curious mind if we’re perpetually frazzled. It’s time to decompress (no scuba equipment required, you’ll be pleased to know). Considering I’ve been urging the We are the Treasure Hunters community this month to simplify life, I’ve created a bite-sized 3-part series on how I actually do — and continue to do — this. (more…)

The Highly Sensitive Person’s secret weapon

Posted by in Behind the scenes , People

The pundits and sages of business will tell you what I’m doing is wrong; they will say freelancers shouldn’t function this way. “The self-employed should have more self-respect,” they will sniff.

You see, I’m not wearing any clothes as I write this. (more…)

5 things I was born to tell you

Posted by in Life , People

A new mother-to-be knew something wasn’t quite right. The pain was like an odd sort of indigestion. Never quick to worry, she wasn’t too concerned initially but went to hospital “just in case”.

No one anticipated what came. (more…)

Why starting what you love matters (even for the 647th time)

Posted by in Life

It’s 1 year, 1 wedding, 2 deaths, 2 states and 3 continents since We are the Treasure Hunters was born.

My brother married and my grandparents died, all 3 events in 5 months. (‘Bittersweet’ doesn’t really cut it.) I left Queensland to create a new home in New South Wales and I’ve journeyed within Australia, UK/Europe, North America and (more…)

Navigating change: what the $%#! have you done?

Posted by in Life

There’s a gut-gurgling, mind-churning fear that can pop up when you’re adjusting to change. It comes before you know if your new home/job/venture will suit you, before you’ve a semblance of a new routine (however vague), before the good habits you wanted to create have actually formed.

It goes something like this: (more…)

Navigating change: 3 tips from the road

Posted by in Life

I took a solo road trip recently: nearly 1,000 kilometres (600 miles) along the east coast of Australia on the Pacific Highway. North to south. Brisbane to Sydney. Charting the geography from one city to another but tracing a route that would link two lives — and loop through my childhood stomping grounds just past the halfway mark.

Driving alone meant I had time to think about the change and actively mark the transition. Just as I’d cleaned out a lot of accumulated (more…)

Navigating change: are you the rock or the feather?

Posted by in Life

When things change, are you the rock or the feather?

Do you rally against the change, insisting — in your mind, at least — there should be a restoration of the way things were? Are you resolute and steadfast in your beliefs; immovable in your opposition despite other contending ideas?

Or, are you highly flexible and adaptable by nature? Not only capable of changing but (more…)

9 steps to kicking fear in the face

Posted by in Life

I’ve been wanting to write about overcoming fear for years, without knowing it. Attending my first World Domination Summit (WDS) in Portland, Oregon, with 2,800 others from around the world, proved to be the catalyst.

I don’t usually splice detachment, frustration, overwhelm, inspiration and euphoria into 3 days. (Well, except as described in …!) This adventure in Portland reminded me: (more…)

The secret in the foothills of Lucerne

Posted by in Life

It stopped me. It filled me. I needed it. It was not mine to keep…

London had enveloped me like an old friend despite the absence of spring. We knew each other’s winters: cold hands, warm heart. I devoured the streets and conversations with friends, old and new. Big plans, quiet fears and new love stories were spun in lounge rooms, libraries, bars and amid pedestrians on Euston Road. (more…)