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A planner for scanners and solopreneurs

Let’s do things differently during the next 12 months. Truly.


  • routine cramps your style and you can’t face long-term (or detailed) planning
  • resolutions never stick because you’ve a different interest every few months
  • a sense of achievement is often elusive


  • you crave direction
  • you secretly envy goal achievers because you want their zing!
  • you try to focus on what’s important to you but get bored quickly…

Grab the Ultimate Freedom or Focus Planner . Your year, your way: one page .

It’s a desire-to-action recipe for the rest of us. You can:

  • create direction that’s not restrictive, even if you only have a vague idea about what you want.
  • be flexible or precise with your goals.
  • feel assured your varied interests count and it’s expected they will change.
  • track multiple projects — what you’re excited by, not feel obliged to do — for varied periods of time .
  • do what’s important to you in a way that keeps you inspired and accountable: mix and match techniques.

One year. One page. Simple.
Print it out, fill it in.
Love it, live it.

Ditch the guilt over failed resolutions and create clarity for the price of a couple of coffees .

(Price in US dollars)


People have been saying…


“Yes! Love this!” Marianne Cantwell, Free Range Humans

First, it’s beautiful. I also love how it gets more detailed as you go down the page. That should help people go a little further with their planning than they initially intended to, and accomplish more!” — Gretchen Behnke, Instant Strategy

“An easy to use, visually attractive planner, ideal for those who want a few key questions to help them find a focus for the year ahead.” — Nina Lenton, marketing and social media consultant