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Navigating change: What the $%#! have you done?

There’s a gut-gurgling, mind-churning fear that can pop up when you’re adjusting to change. It comes before you know if your new home/job/venture will suit you, before you’ve a semblance of a new routine (however vague), before the good habits you wanted to create have actually formed.

It goes something like this:

What the $%#! have you done? You’ve just gone and changed everything. Again. You’ve got to start all over. Again. Back to the beginning one more time. Really?! How did you think this would help?

Then there’s the sting in the tail:

Will you ever be happy?!

I call bullshit.

It’s a natural set of fears but it’s also a natural development of who you are.

You crave variety. You yearn to learn. Your brain is fast and wild and you want the most you can feast upon in or drag out of this world.

You’ll never want long-term monotony and routine. Not deep down. It stifles and cramps your core.

You want to be challenged, emboldened and encouraged to use your creative, physical, analytical and emotional intelligence, right?

This means you’ll go hunting — seeking the people, places and ideas to keep you humming; to nourish you.

You’re a change maker.

There will be many new starts but you were only at ‘zero’ once — you’ve been collecting ever since. Your armoury of experience expands with each advance, however tangential.

This is one more change. You’ve got this.

And as for never being happy? Nonsense!

You do ‘happiness condensed’ like nobody’s business. You find it curled in a new concept, see it in the way the light reflects off clouds, hear it in the next eavesdropped conversation, discover it in the dark of the cinema and taste it in your new favourite food.

Your happiness is everywhere. That’s the wonder of you.

Sometimes you’ve just got to change everything to know your delight is still in all the usual places, as well as the ones you haven’t found yet…and that’s the most exciting part.


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