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The Highly Sensitive Person’s secret weapon

The pundits and sages of business will tell you what I’m doing is wrong; they will say freelancers shouldn’t function this way. “The self-employed should have more self-respect,” they will sniff.

You see, I’m not wearing any clothes as I write this. I’m tapping away at the keyboard, sans couture. (I’m not working from a café: I’d hate to spoil your latte.)

Am I naked? Nope. I’m cosily cosseted; I’m dreamily draped. Today I’m wearing my secret weapon.

Despite my innate curiosity and general optimism, sometimes the world pushes itself against me in unwelcome ways.

What is a Highly Sensitive Person?

I’m a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) and that’s not a synonym for ‘emotional’.

HSP refers to an estimated 15–20% of the population with a high-functioning nervous system, particularly susceptible to sensory input, according to psychologist and author, Dr Elaine Aron.

In practice this means environmental changes — even subtle ones — in light, noise, temperature and odour can be keenly felt.

For some HSPs, this heightened state may also extend to a deeper engagement with art and sensitivities related to taste, others’ moods, time pressure and even how fabric sits against the skin. (This last one is important for me, as you’ll see.)

Objecting to environmental, psychological and physical factors to which most people are oblivious, can put you in a pickle — socially, in the workplace and with a partner.

So, when the world is too loud, too cold, too cramped, too shadowed, I need to stem the overwhelm while staying on my game. My ‘secret’ hides in plain sight.

My weapon is my dressing gown.

Why this works (for me)

  • All praise the gown; the gown affords comfort.
    You see, as an HSP, one of the most pleasurable things about becoming my own boss was ditching the corporate wardrobe . I always felt fettered and constrained by those clothes. I had no idea how physically uncomfortable I’d been at the office, until there was no office. Now, the daily option to wear what I like is blissful. Sometimes that means, whisper it : a dressing gown.
  • All praise the gown; the gown affords authenticity.
    When I’m not ensconced in fabric that grates, I feel psychologically freer too. A daydreamy mind courts creativity far more effectively, so my mental meanderings find reward.
    I don’t lounge in the gown all made up either; I face my face. I practise acceptance. When applied more broadly, such acceptance makes reality feel less rigid while crafting a stronger sense of myself. When I am most myself — in body and mind — my voice is clear, my intuition is sharp and my focus is strong.
  • All praise the gown; the gown affords power.
    Focus disarms distraction. Fearlessness aids action.

The dangerous myth

So, HSPs of the world: don’t frown on the gown . It’s a powerful tool. Step up staying in — it’s reuniting you with your comfortable, authentic and powerful self. Whether your gown is sumptuous silk, cool cotton, majestic mohair or a fluffy polyester pleasure bomb — don’t buy the line ‘You must always dress for success’.

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