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About You

Do you:
* run your own business because you thrive outside the 9–5 mindset?
* create e-books or e-courses to serve your ideal clients, in addition to 1-on-1 work?
* still get a little thrill when you tell people about your location-independent lifestyle?

You’re among friends here. We are online entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, freelancers, have-business-will-travellers and the multipassionate.

You naturally experiment, explore, dabble, create, share, lead — but may not have pinpointed why.

It’s within these experiences you find your treasure: the burning things that make you rumble with life and desire. That is what you are hunting.

Well-known personalities speak about our clients in morning joe.

We are the renegades, mapping a life we love. If you're a creative or a coach, building a mini empire: get free tips on making your digital products shine. Come and join the new crew!

About Me

Ahoy! I’m Sara Moss. Welcome.
I'm an editor for entrepreneurs. If you're creating an e-book or an e-course, I'm your secret weapon.

When our stories remedy and inspire, so do we. I help big thinkers in small business impress their ideal clients.

I’ve been a professional writer, editor and occasional photographer — for magazines, big and small business, government ministers and the good folk of the internet — since 1999.

Nearly 40 countries have beckoned for work and play so far. 'Home' has been in Australia, the UK and France; I currently live in Sydney. (My first full-time job was the wanderlust kick-start: cruise ship photographer.)

During the past 16 years I've learnt we find our most-rewarding life when we treat curiosity as a muse, not a curse.

My adventuring has confirmed I'll always champion quality over quantity — particularly in friendships, holidays, books and cake. It's needed online too.

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