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Interview: Caroline Cain, The Freedom Seeker’s Business Mentor

Interview: Caroline Cain, The Freedom Seeker’s Business Mentor

How does Caroline Cain, the Freedom Seeker’s Business Mentor, effectively shape her life and work based upon her values, while making a healthy income? Read on…

Tell us about your life now: where are you based, who is important to you and what are you enjoying?

Quote-left-blue We’re living in Sydney, we moved here earlier this year and were living in Thailand before that. My boyfriend and our daughter are the two most important people in my life and we love spending as much time together out in nature. We love the beach and long walks (although they tend not to be too long right now as toddler pace doesn’t get you very far…).

We’re totally into slow, simple living so don’t like to have full schedules. We’re loving the freedom and flexibility we have in our lives, that is in large part enabled by my online business. I’m really enjoying working with clients that I love, who share the same values and passions as I do for freedom and adventure in life.

Tell us about your work/business: what does your work involve; why do you do it?

I help women entrepreneurs to build successful lifestyle businesses that give them the flexibility and freedom to design a life on their terms, working when they want, where they want and how they want through 1:1 coaching programs.

I do this because I believe that we can all live an extraordinary life, that we are part of a movement of women forging a new way of being, living and working in the world and that being business owners is a fabulous tool that enables us to truly create lives that we love, spending our time how we choose and on activities that we know are of great benefit out in the world and for our families.

How do you introduce yourself?

I say, “I help women entrepreneurs to build successful lifestyle businesses that give them the flexibility and freedom to design a life on their terms.”

What are you excited about working on at the moment (give us a shameless plug if you like!)?

At the moment I’m really enjoying working with amazingly motivated, inspired clients in my 1:1 6 month program and I’ve just launched a small, super focused group Mastermind for introverts which I’m really excited about.

What’s the biggest myth about entrepreneurship?

That you ‘just follow your passion’ and you’ll get there… It’s also a myth you ever get ‘there’ because ‘there’ constantly changes and evolves, just as we do as humans.

What are your favourite tools/systems/habits for keeping projects and ideas organised and prioritised?

I love Evernote to jot down all my ideas in one place, in a more organised fashion than having a ton of different notebooks with no real order. I love Basecamp for communicating with my team, keeping us really clear on who’s doing what and where we’re at. I also use Trello for that to a certain extent but that’s more for the running non-urgent to-do list.

How do you focus?

I consistently ask myself if what I’m doing is bringing me closer to my goal. My word for this year is ‘ease’. When I make decisions, I ask myself if the proposed action will bring me more ease, or not. When it’s a business decision, I also ask myself if it is directly a money-generating activity. If it’s not, I don’t do it. Frees up a heck of a lot of time!

How do you stop yourself from doing all the things ?

I’m a totally recovered perfectionist. I do what is essential. I outsource what either takes me too much time or doesn’t light me up.

Do you have ever-changing interests or are there several ideas/activities to which you keep returning?

I’m full of new ideas with every waking moment — that’s part of the beauty of being a business and lifestyle creator! But there is some order in there; my goals in life and business are simple, so they are easy to keep in sight.

At the beginning of your working life, how did you decide what to pursue professionally and what changed along the way?

I had no idea! I don’t believe in ‘purpose’ other than living an extraordinary life where we achieve inner mastery and are able to help others through this. So really it was following desire/interest at the time + idea + action to make that happen + ‘co-incidence’ (which is not really co-incidence, right?) along the way. One thing leading to another.

I did create deeper and more focused purpose along the way in terms of what I wanted to contribute to society through the way that I live my life, who I am and the work (activity) that I do. This is what keeps me moving forwards in life.

Is there anything you resisted for years but now embrace? Why?

Eeek, working on it — public speaking. Oh, and doing things my way — really trusting that it’s ok.

Fill in the blanks:

My day starts well when I’ve had a full night’s sleep and our daughter wakes up babbling and smiling. Quote-right-magenta
My business/working world hums along when I make sure I value my boundaries, time and immerse myself in environments that fill me up .
My life is rewarding when I know that I am being kind, helpful, wise, compassionate and making a difference.

Caroline Cain helps women define the lives they want and build profitable businesses to support them. A mother, girlfriend, practicing Buddhist, and successful entrepreneur, she is doing her part to create an exceptional new generation by travelling the world with her daughter and boyfriend, and living a life she is totally in love with based on the principles of freedom of time, location, expression, and financial independence.

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