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A simpler life starts here

A simpler life starts here

Let’s hit pause for a moment.

We can’t capitalise on our curious mind if we’re perpetually frazzled. It’s time to decompress (no scuba equipment required, you’ll be pleased to know). Considering I’ve been urging the We are the Treasure Hunters community this month to simplify life, I’ve created a bite-sized 3-part series on how I actually do — and continue to do — this.

Why? Simplicity aids clarity.

There’s elegance at the core of our desires too. Discovering the crux of what we want can be an incredible relief . When we focus on desire as singular elements, our wishes feel far more attainable.

Simplification is revealing and it’s rewarding — but it isn’t simple. Don’t give yourself grief if you’ve been trying to simplify things for a while. We can all over-complicate, misinterpret, and misdirect our efforts and emotions. That might just be before breakfast.

I hope this series will help you find (or rediscover) the core of a life you want.

The simplification foundation

  1. Be self-aware — You can’t change anything effectively if you don’t understand how you affect your own life. Yes, this is the central tenet of multiple disciplines for a reason and the idea has increasingly migrated to mainstream Western thinking. The benefits are significant. If you’re new to applying this concept, start with these questions:
  • What are your values?
  • What are your flaws and when are you most vicious?
  • What are your charms and when are you most compassionate?

An awareness of what makes you angry and why; and how you express and receive love, is invaluable for living skillfully.

Self-awareness is also at the core of psychologist Chris Argyris and philosopher Donald Schön’s concept of ‘double loop learning’.

Quote-left-magenta “In double-loop learning you think about and question what you are doing, and try to break your own pattern, not simply by doing something differently, but by thinking about why you do it the way you do it… Real changes occur when we reassess our more deeply rooted reasons, objectives and values. ” (Krogerus and Tschäppeler, 2011: 99)

How can you be more self-aware?

Meditate. If, like me, you want a guided, ‘non-woo woo’ approach, I highly recommend former-monk Andy’s Headspace program.


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Ready for more? Here’s part 2…


Reference: Krogerus, M and Tschäppeler, R 2011 The Decision Book, Profile Books, London

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