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Which type of truth are you telling?

This is the second installment of a bite-sized 3-part series on simplifying life. Part 1 is here . Simplicity aids clarity. There’s elegance at the core of our desires. Find (or rediscover) the core of a life you want.

The simplification foundation

2. Be fiercely honest with yourself. (But beware the catch…)

There’s a beauty to honesty when it’s stripped from judgement and it can be incredibly useful. In life and business, it can also brutalise. Our resilience and perceptiveness may determine if we’re enlightened or crumpled by honesty. Context counts, as does whether you’re engaged in voluntary self-reflection or the recipient of someone else’s viewpoint.

There’s also this:

Implicit in the notion of being honest is an ability to recognise and articulate the truth. It seems so obvious. Obvious in a slap-me-in-the-face-with-a-fish-I-won’t-miss-that sort of way. Until you stray into the philosophically-vexed territory of defining ‘truth’.

(As a journalism student, I waded into a debate about truth — as related to objectivity — with the assuredness only a 19 year old could don without wincing. What a multi-faceted beast I met!)

Lately I’ve been contemplating truth in the context of being fiercely honest with oneself. The way I see it, there are:

  • facts — concrete, measurable, irrefutable
  • core truths — foundational, mostly (but not always) enduring, informed by each person’s values and world view
  • temporal truths — only true for a certain period of time and specific to each person; will change as we gain knowledge/skills, may be seasonal/cyclical.

Each type of truth affects our life and business differently but the darkest times may come when we can’t distinguish between something that will hold forever and something that’s only true for now .

Uncovering core truths and distinguishing temporal ones may galivinise you but if you’re overwhelmed, ask for help. If your request isn’t met, you may have asked the wrong person. Or you asked the right person at the wrong time. It’s never a mistake to ask.

You will change. Allow yourself to do so. Some days it will be messy. That’s okay. You can be gracious and graceful tomorrow.

How can you be more honest with yourself?

Apply self-awareness , courage and persistence.
If you need help feeling courageous, I highly recommend Brené Brown’s book, The Gifts of Imperfection .

More? Here’s the final part of the series . :-)


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