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Why starting what you love matters (even for the 647th time)

It’s 1 year, 1 wedding, 2 deaths, 2 states and 3 continents since We are the Treasure Hunters was born.

My brother married and my grandparents died, all 3 events in 5 months. (‘Bittersweet’ doesn’t really cut it.) I left Queensland to create a new home in New South Wales and I’ve journeyed within Australia, UK/Europe, North America and the South Pacific.

Love lassoed me too.

I’ve conjured 12 posts and nearly 30 newsletters to subscribers. I’m grateful for new friendships which have flourished.

I’m letting you know all this in case you’re straddling fear and delight; on the cusp of beginning something that matters to you…but are unsure of what’s ahead.

The minutes before I launched this site, I was riddled with adrenalin. I was sopping with perspiration: scared to pour myself into the virtual world and risk being ignored, but thrilled I’d created something I believed in. Even though I didn’t know where it would lead.

Splicing the terror was the slightly tremulous comfort of courage. I hit ‘publish’ on my hand-crafted site with an About page proclaiming:

Quote-left-blue Seeing value in others, thriving on exploring and delighting in new concepts is important and deserving of our attention. We are most alive when we acknowledge what attracts us.

I’m more firmly wedded to that statement now. The tingling sense of presence and excitement accompanying your most alive and ‘shiny self’ — your best self — is intoxicating.

Your best self isn’t indulgent either — it’s good for the world. It’s when you’re most capable of helping others too.

Bringing an invigorated and engaged you to the fore as often as possible is difficult. It can be exhausting. I feel an almost cellular wear and tear sometimes too. But the deepening personal awareness which results from reflecting upon what we’re drawn to, and the nature of how and when we become our most brilliant, is invaluable.

This is how variety lovers can thrive:
Remember the people, places and ideas that attract us, do so for a reason. When we’re mindful of this, we can see how they inform, mould, bend, tempt and create us. Our actions are most powerful when aligned with our strengths and sources of joy.

It’s easier to be decisive too.

So, if you’ve that shimmering sensation of wonder-fear happening now, at the cusp of your important beginning, you’re onto something. Just start. You don’t have to know — you can’t know — exactly what’s ahead. Look for your best self; it’s bolstered when you:

Share. Create. Embrace. Explore. Tweak.

Then play it again, Sam. Let me know how you get on out there.


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