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We’re so (write) together: The Editing Song

We’re so (write) together: The Editing Song

Want an off-beat way to genuinely feel good at what you do? Create something fun using skills you don’t have! Then your ‘real’ work will be a doddle and your comfort zone will feel plush and renewed. Here’s what I enjoyed making beyond the bounds of my talent…

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present for your amusement: .

When we remain open to the awkwardness and uncertainty we encounter as a novice — including likely embarrassment (*ahem*) — we are enhanced. Not in the usual, you-need-courage-to-do-that kind of way. It’s because our preferences and talents are magnified. When stripped of our foundational knowledge, we can far more readily identify it. Sometimes we’re grateful for it; other times we’re driven to broaden our skills because they no longer feel adequate.

Either way, dedication to craftsmanship requires us to apply our expertise with the nimbleness of the beginner’s mind. This is where the unexpected connections are: the lifeblood of creativity. Here we also see the people who complement what we make — and our entrepreneurial journey feels less lonely.


The Editing Song If you fancied The Editing Song, I also made an irreverent track you can listen to when you need to ditch writer’s block. When you need to tell your inner critic to stop whingeing so you can just write something. Anything!

That track is part of my guide to online editing for busy solopreneurs, Rebel Without a Clause . (There’s a whole treasure trove of goodness in there to help you shine online.)

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