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Work with me

Welcome, change maker. I’m an editor for entrepreneurs — for the renegades. You may be a one (wo)man shop but you need nous and verve to keep that going and I’m here to take a chunk out of your to-do list. How can I help?

The short version (because I like you)

I edit e-books, e-courses and email opt ins, up to 10,000 words. I ensure your digital products:

  • are professionally crafted while retaining your ‘voice’ (creates more value, boosts your credibility)
  • deliver on their promise (promotes customer trust, attracts testimonials)
  • are not languishing half-done on your to-do list (they won’t attract more clients for you there!).

Get clear, specific advice — delivered in a friendly way. Stay relaxed in your current corner of the world — time zones aren’t a barrier to our collaboration. You just need an internet connection; you’re reading this so I’ll guess you’ve got that covered.

If we work together, you get more time to do what you enjoy, knowing you’ve a dedicated temporary team member invested in making your ideal clients feel good. You don’t need to do everything yourself. (It’s best when you don’t.)

Need me now? It’s as easy as…

  1. Skip down to the ‘Editorial packages’ section on this page, pick what you need.
  2. Read the ‘How does it work?’ infographic below the services.
  3. Hit the ‘Get in touch’ link at the bottom of the page, fill in the form. Bam!

Leah Kalamakis — happy client “Sara works fast and has a super clear system that makes the process of working with her really easy and fun.

If you want to feel confident and proud of the work you put out into the world, hire Sara.”

— Leah Kalamakis, The Freelance to Freedom Project,

The longer version (because, rightly, you’re inquisitive)

You’ve poured yourself into your e-book or e-course because you care about your customers and clients and you’re passing on the shortcuts you’ve learned the hard way. You have loads of useful knowledge. You’ve been up to your eyeballs creating and now you might be wondering…


“Is this actually any good?”
“What if nobody buys this?”
Or, “I need someone I trust to help make this the best it can be.”

If you write with heart, I polish with soul.
I’m the editor your small business will love.

I edit affably too, not in a red-pen-massacre way. Why? I care about your reader as much as you do and 16 years as a professional non-fiction writer makes me intimately familiar with the challenges of the writing process. I’m in your corner! While I get to work, you’re free to focus on what you do best: guiding, inspiring, creating — and giving smart, practical advice. (That’s where you make your money, right?)

“This is fantastic, Sara! You offe red good solutions to all the problems you found. Such a detailed critique is of great value to anyone creating information products.”

—  Gretchen Behnke, The Instant Strategy Toolkit,

How an editor adds ‘secret sauce’ to your business

Honestly, as the content creator, you’re too close to your work to truly see if it’s coherent. Your editor’s fresh eyes will replicate your audience’s first encounter with your content. If your editor is confused, it’s likely others will be; you want to know about that — and fix it — before publication.

  • Clear, error-free content is integral to retaining your credibility.
  • Even if your work presents really well, your editor can give you peace of mind by confirming this (you’ll never get false praise) before you release your work to the world.
  • Hiring an editor isn’t a comment on your ability as a writer — it’s a reflection of your commitment to high standards in business .

Why hire me?

Sara Moss — editor for entrepreneurs Whatever you’re writing about, or wherever you call home, I can likely relate. I’m a well-travelled communications professional, trained in journalism and photography. I have an ear for language and an eye for design.

During the past 16 years, subjects I’ve written about and edited include: the arts, science, transport, travel, health, technology — and more recently, on this site, wellbeing. My editorial toolkit is well-stocked thanks to experience as a freelancer and in small business, corporate and government communications. I’ve lived and worked in Australia, the UK, France and USA and visited about 35 other countries too.

I also know what it takes to create a business you love: it’s not just about what you sell but who you are.

Editorial packages

I offer 3 types of editorial services for complete non-fiction digital works, up to 10,000 words.
This includes e-books, e-courses and email opt-in incentives.

Editing is collaborative so we’ll need to be in touch throughout but I’ll create a virtual space just for us to work in so the process is simple and enjoyable. I’m your global editor who eats time zone barriers for breakfast! (Time zones aside, 1 essential rule holds for everyone: your work is in ‘quarantine’ during the editorial process. We both work, alternately, on the 1 ‘live’ document. No continuing to create while I edit. Thanks!)

Editing for e-books and e-courses

1. Rise and Shine — comprehensive editing for e-books and e-courses

This is a full edit of your complete draft copy BEFORE layout and design or upload to an e-learning space. I’ll tell you what’s good, what’s not and suggest how you can fix it.

Part 1: The big picture. We relate this to your audience and business needs. I’ll give you an appraisal of the structure, content, style and tone. You’ll find out if the work flows logically, if there are any gaps in the information, if the language and process is audience and goal appropriate. You implement changes we agree upon.

Part 2: The fine-toothed comb. I’ll proceed to a detailed copy edit — this includes spelling, grammar, syntax and visual and text-based consistency. (I love language; I know this stuff so you don’t have to worry about it.) It’s your work, you’re always in control. Includes 3 revisions.

That’s what I need! Let’s talk.

Rise and Shine editing price guide: from US$280 / £185

2,000 words US$280 / £185 | 5,000 words US$700 / £460 | 10,000 words US$990 / £625

Proofreading for PDF e-books

2. Icing on the Cake — proofreading for PDF e-books

This is a proofread of your copy AFTER layout and design in PDF . It’s the final step in the process before publication so the work should have already been checked for all the elements listed in Rise and Shine.

This is where we catch those spelling mistakes, typos, missing (or additional) words before the world sees them. Includes up to 2 revisions. This sounds great. Let’s talk.

Icing on the Cake proofreading price guide: from US$140 / £90

2,000 words US$140 / £90 | 5,000 words US$350 / £230 | 10,000 words US$700 / £460

Editing for email opt-ins

3. Opt-in Oomph — editing for your email opt-in incentive

I ensure the ‘freebie’ you’re giving to your tribe and prospective clients is error free. I’d hate you to dash your authority from the start! I’ll give it a full edit (includes everything listed in the Rise and Shine option) while it’s still in draft stage, prior to design.

Includes 1 revision. I’m up for that! Let’s talk.

Opt-in Oomph price: US$99 / £65 for 1 to 3 pages

(For opt ins more than 3 pages, the Rise and Shine service applies.)

***A quick note on what I’m not providing: idea validation, early-stage development, organisation of your ‘virtual shoebox’ of notes or advice on how to deliver your e-course. I’m not your gal for these services. I love to help when you’re almost set to launch and have a nearly-ready digital product at your raring-to-go fingertips.

“I felt like I was working in partnership with a true professional who helped me improve my book while also helping me feel proud of it. The changes Sara suggested improved the overall flow of the book and she noticed small details that I was completely blind to. Her words of encouragement were a real comfort.”

— Karen Sargent, The art of making big dreams happen,

Treasure your story.
Let your words rise to the occasion, just as you do for your clients.


Scrolled here super fast because you’re in?
Made it this far and still have a question?

Either way, do get in touch ! I’m looking forward to hearing from you.
Please fill in as much detail as you can so we can be email minimalists, together.