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Your insanely useful blog post creation checklist

Your insanely useful blog post creation checklist

You’re kicking goals today!

You can verify the internet is made of cats, you’ve captured your dream wardrobe on Pinterest, Instagrammed your morning tea (#tasty), sent a shout out to your Tweeps, checked in with your mastermind group on Facebook and have just dispensed with some admin that was cluttering up your inbox and your brain space.


Now you’re just about to start on that blog post.

[1 hour and 45 minutes later.]

Okay, now the dishes are done. You’ve finished the last episode in the season of your latest Netflix binge and you’ve arranged a coffee catch up with a friend later. It’s important to get away from the screen after all…

There are definitely no more distractions now. Your phone is even on ‘silent’.

[20 minutes later.]

Well, no one should try blogging on an empty stomach. Hunger just messes with your creativity. Everyone knows that. Right, that’s lunch sorted, let’s do this!

[Open new doc. Stare at screen… Switch to browser, thinking “Maybe if I find an image first, that will be a good prompt. Besides, it will save me searching for one later because that can be a time suck…”]

Sound familiar?

If blogging feels like endlessly herding cats into WordPress and hoping for the best, here’s how to change that.

Love heart — Your insanely useful blog post creation checklist What to do instead

If you’re stuck because your blog has languished for a while, check out How to re-start your business blog with style , first . (You’ll find practical encouragement and, among other goodness, a refresher on the point of a business blog.)

Otherwise, if you’re blogging reasonably regularly but recognise the scenario above…

Here’s an unsexy truth: blogging becomes far easier once you have an effective process for turning ideas into posts.

Not just a back-of-the-napkin sketch; a process that’s repeatable and optimised. A process that helps you relax because it highlights the 3 distinct phases of creating a good blog post:

  1. beginning (including where to look for ideas on what to blog about)
  2. creating
  3. uploading

and makes the specific tasks within each phase manageable.

A process that ensures every post you create works hard for your business because it considers:

  • your audience
  • content type
  • marketing
  • SEO
  • branding
  • usability
  • design

It’s official: life would be far breezier if you had an insanely useful blog post checklist that covered all this, right?


[3-page PDF]

Go forth and blonquer! (Hmmm, maybe that particular phrase needs a little work…) Anyway, if you like the checklist, I’d really appreciate it if you shared the Tweetable at the end of the download. 🙂


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